Journey (A Poem)

What is happening?

The world is more cruel than ever.

It’s full of hatred.

The people in it are evil.

They claim to be good,

But their actions prove otherwise,

Hurting their own blood,

Because of political views,

Of their religion,

Sexual orientation,

And whatever else.

And then they call themselves angels.

Ha! Wow! What a joke.


What’s being done about this mess?

Can’t really say much:

This is the norm in this era.

Nothing is changing.

I guess this is acceptable.

My voice matters not,

Because I chose to stay away.

I hate fighting.

Probably because of my past,

Remembering school,

When all the kids were mean to me.

But I’m the problem.

I’m not cruel, so I’m the problem.


What am I doing?

What am I doing to fight this?

I’m doing nothing.

I’m just blaming everyone else.

The criticizing:

So easy to make an excuse,

Shifting all the blame.

The world is the problem, not me.

Little did I know,

I’m just as much of the problem.

What made me see this?

Going out and doing something.

That really felt great.


Why am I telling you this now?

Now more than ever,

We need to make our voices heard,

Need to be serving,

For even if it means failure,

At least we were heard.

Not doing anything at all:

That’s the real problem.

Each life form has its destiny;

Have control of yours,

Do not show fear, but show power,

Show not hate, but love,

For your journey depends on these.


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