My Trip to Kansas City, Finding Peace, and Being Ready to Step Up

“Fear less, hope more, eat less, chew more, whine less, breathe more, talk less, say more, hate less, love more, and good things will be yours” – Swedish Proverb.


This past Saturday, I traveled to Kansas City to audition for This Is My Brave. As you may know, especially if you follow me regularly, I will be a part of their Kansas City show on May 7th. It still gives me goosebumps (of excitement) knowing that I will be doing this. This will be a great opportunity to help others with my story and very possibly bring growth to my mission. Speaking of growth, the trip I made over the weekend made me realize several things.



I actually realized this two weeks ago, but this past weekend did nothing short of reassuring this point. The total travel time for the trip was about 11 hours, and I never would have pictured myself doing that. The long drive there and back was 100% worth it.

There are other ways of making a difference back at home, but there are people in other places that need my help. My mission has grown rapidly in the past year; I started as a volunteer for the AFSP group in my area, and now I’m sharing my personal experiences, what I’ve been through, and how I overcame it to help others in their own recovery and personal growth.



Speaking of personal growth, I found answers to some questions that I have been asking for a while. These past few months have not been easy for me. This trip, however, brought me some much needed serenity.

Lately, the world has been more emotionally cruel than ever. In the midst of this hard time, I questioned a number of things. Why are people hateful to each other? Why do people not care? Why is it that hateful people are successful and good people are not? Why is nobody doing anything about this?

Before my audition, which I was a little nervous about, I started to think about my life overall. I said a little prayer before it was my turn. I said that if this worked out, then I was going to make the most out of the opportunities that I am lucky enough to have and stop making excuses all the time. I am ready to deliver on this promise. However, I didn’t realize how many excuses I was making.

On the way home, my dad and I talked about the questions I have been asking myself lately. During this talk, a new question popped up in my mind: What have I been doing to make a difference lately? All I’ve been doing is moaning about what others aren’t doing when I should have been doing things myself. Yes, I have been writing blogs about mental health, but that is only, if even, 10% of what I should be doing to help others.

This past weekend, I did something. This isn’t just another chance to share my story; this is my redemption. Now since I’ve come to this realization, I have a feeling that you’ll be seeing a lot more of me.


This trip was for an opportunity to expand my mission, but it came with some pointers for personal growth. I’m sure that I have hurt people during my difficult time, and I am sorry for any emotional pain that I may have caused you. Now since I know what to ask and what to do, it’s time to move, because in the times we live in, hope is needed now more than ever. It’s time to step up or step aside. That goes for every one of us. We must fight this hate and this stigma at all times. I’m ready to serve! (Book an audition in your area) (Get your Brave Gear)

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